How to add comments for your website


Hello, dear 000webhost users,

It’s a nice day! What about adding a comment box for your website for free?

We will use in this tutorial, which is a free commenting platform built by me.

Installing Hyvor Talk

  1. Go to Hyvor Talk (use above link)
  2. Click on Use Hyvor Talk
  3. Then create new Hyvor Account clicking the signup button.
  4. After signing up, you will be redirected to the console
  5. Go to installation section in the console
  6. Copy the JS code and paste it in your website in the place where you need the commenting plugin to be.
  7. For each webpage, set CANONICAL_URL to your canonical URL and TALK_ID to a unique ID to identify your page.

Note: You can either use Wordpress plugin if you are using WP. If you use it, you don’t need to set the variables.

Why you should use Hyvor Talk?

Basic Features

  • In-built reactions plugin.
  • Beautiful user-interface.
  • Spam protection. Our in-built spam protector protects you from spam comments.
  • Improve SEO ranking with Hyvor Talk.
  • Works awesomely in any kind of device.
  • Free for websites under the limitations shown here. For other websites, there are flexible pricing plans.
  • Unlimited comments


  • Supports text formattings like bold, italic, underline and inline codes.
  • Developers can write comments with code highlighting. 24 programming languages are supported.
  • Choose emojis among more than 1000 and add them into your comments.
  • Real-Time updates. All the comments, replies, reactions, votes are real-time.


  • Easy-moderation. AJAX-based Hyvor Talk Console is optimized for easy-moderation.
  • The appearance of Hyvor Talk in your website is fully customizable.
  • Multiple admins and moderators per website.
  • Automatic spam protection.
  • Manual spam protection – You can mark a comment as spam manually.
  • User blocking. Blocked users cannot comment on your website.

I’m waiting to see you using Hyvor Talk on your website. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

For more details, leave a reply below.

Thank you.