How to cancel a redirection

I don’t know how to cancel a redirection settled by redirection plugin because I can’t login in WP session. Do you have any idea ? Is it possible through the file system of the control panel ?
Thank you

If you provide your SITE URL 000WEBHOSTAPP I can certainly assist.
thank you

I can login without issue and site loads fine.

What do you see?

It’s the redirected URL : redirected to, which become https


Let me know what is happening

I see the right connexion panel, but when I type my user id and passwd, the redirection occurs

I’ve deleted the plugin “redirection” maybe now?

I’m so confused, that domain you’ve mentioned is NOT hosted on 000webhost?

ok thank you, I’ve seen that the redirection has been canceled. Is it possible to make a redirection between 2 URL’s, but not for the 2 WP sessions ?

yes i’ve redirected a 000webhost url to a non webhost url

I am not sure of the previous question.

Anyway, you have helped me a lot while canceling thé redirection plugin. It’s OK for me.
Many tanks