How to change nameservers & manage DNS in freenom instead?



How can I change nameservers (in 000webhost not freenom)?

FROM: and nameservers.

is this possible? I couldn’t locate it. I’ve been spending plenty hours but couldn’t find good / direct answers in the web. I also tried your guide but doesn’t work, sorry for that.

Bottomline, I wanted to point the domain name (not park). I also wanted to manage DNS in Freenom (not in 000webhost).
And how do I set A-record & CNAME (in Freenom)? Let’s say my domain name is (& .
Thanks in advance


Hi @raymacz1!

DNS management from 000webhost is allowed only for paid plans, however you can use Freenom DNS by linking your domain to your site using CNAME records.

  1. Fully unlink/unpark your domain from 000webhost

  2. Use Freenom default nameservers

  3. Add two CNAME records in Freenom DNS panel:
    www —>

  4. Wait 10 minutes.

  5. Go to 000webhost cPanel > Change web address > Add > Point domain and try pointing your domain until it works.


Hi Teodor,

Amazing swift reply & easy to understand! Now I get it, you add TWO (not 1) CNAMEs for both domain & subdomain.

This topic is a bit confusing How to point domain from to

You are one of a kind! Thanks man. Someday I’ll subscribe to premium. Just testing some sites. Awesome fast replies you have. Again, many thanks.


Uhm, yes. We apologize for that tutorial. We will update it shortly.

We’re glad the issue has been fixed! :blush: We’re waiting for you to join the true cheap premium hosting at Hostinger: