How to create a subdomain with the new panel


I’m wondering how can I setup a subdomain using the new panel. I saw some tutorial about subdomains using the old panel, but now seems imposible to do it. Anyone can help me?

I have a site at 000webhost, that has a .tk web address; I configured in the Freenom panel a CNAME record that works fine, this is the record:

Name: www
TTL: 14440

As I said, this works, but now I want to create a subdomain. So… What have to do now?

Thank you!


If you want a sub-domain for example then login to FreeNom and make a new record type A then for the hostname type in customerlogin then when it asks for the destination you should put I would think or am I confusing myself?

Then on your website make a folder in public_html and call it customerlogin?

If you upgrade to premium hosting you’d have full control of your dns/subdomains/redirects easily so wouldn’t have to navigate through your domain provider you could have it all under one roof on the official cPanel.


Thank you for your time.

I tried to create a new record type A on FreeNom as following:

Name: customerlogin
Type: A
TTL: 14440

But system return the following error: Invalid value in dnsrecord.
I’m not sure but, I think that Record type A needs a IPv4 target, and not an URL.


Try this tutorial


Sorry half asleep try making a CNAME and seeing if it works.


I tried this but still not working. I’m going to attach some pictures of my configuration.
I trying to setup this subdomain

FreeNom Configuration:

000Webhost File system have cv folder into public_html

And, is configured on the panel as the web address.

Finally, when I try to access to I get 404: Not Found - ngix.
What is wrong?
I suppose that there is not a problem of pointing the subdomain to 000webhost, because I get a Server error… but I don’t know how to solve it.


Hmm I’ll have a dig around FreeNom and see what is what.

I take it you’ve obviously already done this…


you can point one subdomain to one website in free hosting. create new website to point to other subdomain


This is a useful guide and helped me to add sub-domain. You should read it.