How to create an offline web app



An offline web app, is like an application, it can load your website in offline mode.
It will display the basic html and php and css, but you cannot connect to the database while offline.


Make sure you do not have a normal web app created.


Create a file called offline.manifest and add the the following code to it


Everything under CACHE MANIFEST have to be replaced with the files you want to load offline.
You cannot cache a directory, you have to write every single file in that directory.

Now that we have created offline.manifest, create a file called jquery-1.4.min.js and add the following content to it

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Once you created that file, replace <html> by <html manifest="offline.manifest"> on every single html page you want to access in offline mode.
If your file is in a path, replace<html> with <html manifest="../offline.manifest"> if in 1 directory, <html manifest="../../offline.manifest"> if in 2 directories, etc…


We created an offline web app that opens in offline mode and displayed the specified content.

In the end

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