How to earn money?


Unique means those who haven’t yet visited your site. They are brand new


Im not sure Im really confuse now is it work or not have I done it right I went on my affiliates area and I done a screenshot can you tell me is it work to earn money or not ?
(I mean is it that how it should be)


Yes, but you haven’t earned anything yet as no-one has signed up using your adverts.


how do I make it to signed up


You just have to wait, all those visits were done by the same person anyway, also there is no magical way to get people to sign up, they just have to want to.


No, I mean when people click on your referral link and sign up - that counts as one sign up. You don’t have to do anything.


soo I find like 20 people to go on my website is it just that did they have to click on that banner or something like that I`m really confuse how to make it work :frowning:


No, all you need to do is show the ads and wait for someone to sign up using your link. The chances are, if your site has nothing to do with hosting or computers/internet they are not going to sign up.


soo it will not work on my website ? ( ) because is nothing to do with computers ? and what its need to sign up ? is it just looking the banner ?


It will work on your site if people visit, click on the link and sign up on 000webhost.


It will work, but what i’m saying is your target audience for your site might not be the people looking for hosting - therefore they will not sign up.

Sign Up means that they click on your banner, then they click “Sign Up” and they fill in all their details. That is 1 sign up.


hmmm soo when they open my website they have to click on the banner and then whent they open on the right side it says sing up is it that what they have to done so to earn money ?


They also have to sign up and have an account.


soo is it work now ?


appears to be working…


soo make 20 of them and I will get 100$ will be hard


Contact your friends, family :wink:


Yes it will -> It’s not easy! You don’t just get $100 for nothing.


You could also contact several sponsors who may be interested.


Wait, so if you get 20 sign up’s you get $100? $5 a sign up?

Also, how does that get payed into your account? Paypal?