How to get a wordpress website [[Video]]



If you have a custom domain and want to enable https make sure the url as shown at 0:45 is set to your custom url (ie: Doesn’t use 000webhost). then follow this:

  1. find the post for updating your dns “how to use cloudflare for ssl 53612” and follow the instructions
  3. I had to also go to the Cloudlfare => crypto => Automatic HTTPS Rewrites => Yes
  4. Then I installed the plugin in wordpress SSL Insecure Content Fixer and all the errors seemed to go away.

if you do not do step 1, you will get 301 redirects from your custom url to the 000webhost url
if you do not do step 2, you will not be able to use ssl / https encypted connections
if you do not do steps 3/4 you will get mixed content errors when your page loads and pages will render incorrectly and look like they have no templates