How to get email address?


I tried to create email address.

I saw this tutorial page
but it does not goes as tutorial.

I go to "manage emails"
click "create"
and “park domain” link appears

So I create subdomain

After that I do not know what to do to create email address.

Please teach me what should I do next.
Thank you.


How to create email forwarder?
Before you start creating email forwarders make sure that you have parked your domain to 000webhost. It is not possible to use domain for email forwarders.

Login to cpanel
Go to “Manage Emails” section
Click on "Create"
Choose name for your mailbox
Enter email address to forward message to
Click Save

Does that tutorial not work for you?


Thanks for your quick reply.

I do not understand the meaning of
"make sure that you have parked your domain to 000webhost"

I created subdomain ""
Am I misunderstand what park domain means??

Thank you.



I click “Create”

after that
This message appear

I need to choose below
1.Park domain
2.Free subdomain
3.Point domain

I do not know what should I do next.
Thank you.


Park domain and then point your domain to the nameservers and

You can get free domain or other sites.

So you can make for example

You aren’t going to want to have etc


Finally I got emai address.
Thank you very much.