How to have another subdomain in your website


Let’s say you want to add forums or anything you your website. But you want to have a subdomain like, it’s pretty simple and straight forward :grinning:. However we are gonna require 2 websites :relieved:. And you can’t use nameservers. If you need something to point your dns other than your domain provider with more security SSL and other cool stuff I recommend cloudflare check this out How To Use Cloudflare For SSL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Let’s get started.

1: Set a domain to your website

2: Set the DNS Settings.

3: Go to the Web Address section in the menu.

4: Add your domain

2: Add your subdomain website.

1: Set DNS for your subdomain

In this case don’t add your own domain only the subdomain which I added as subdomain but you can add your own so it looks like
2: Go to the Web Address section in the menu.

3: Add your subdomain.
This time don’t add your alone on the input box this time add your subdomain before your domain so it looks like this And the system will recognize it and add the subdomain only.
And you are done.
Congratulations you just added a subdomain to your website! :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have any issues or questions feel free to PM or reply to this topic. :grinning:

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