How to i delete popup on my website


hi this is ashok. i am creating a website
last time i log in to the webhost on that time my website has some popups are showing. 20 days back i am deleting my account in webhost now also the popup shoown on my website. please remove my website in your list. last time i postedd this probleam but no one care that. please solve my probleam.


Works fine here. :slight_smile:


WHAT this is my website when i am opening website some popups are shown its irritating me so please remove it


I see nothing on my end


I see nothing.

Please take a screenshot if it occurs again :smiley:



Hmm did you happen to build your site on 000webhost and then move away?
This popup should only appear on non-000webhost services.


yes firslty i use zyro builder& 1freehosting . at that time i login 000webhost hen after delelte my account. that time popup has shown on my website and i dont know how to remove it


please reomve that pop up icon


It will be in the code somewhere you’ll just need to search sorry.


sorry sir, i dont have any code i use only builder so i dont know html code so please remove that code from your side


We cannot remove it, its in your html code, not on our side :slight_smile:


As above, I cannot manage because it doesn’t appear to be hosted here.

Check your code carefully.


there is no code then how to i remove suggest me


what is the final answer


Final answer is contact your current host or find a developer.