How to improve my Search Ranking?


Hey, guys!
I am trying to sell my house on-line. You can see the web-page I’ve made here:
So, how can I improve its Search Ranking? According to the Bing Webmaster Tools, there are no SEO violations and it’s mobile friendly. Yet, when you search for houses in Donji Miholjac, that web-page appears neither on Bing nor on Google, even though I’ve resubmitted the sitemap to both after I made that page.


Well, unfortunately, SEO is tricky. Getting the #1 spot on Google for your search term usually costs a lot of money. However, there are lots of free tools to help you with SEO and search rankings, and there’s a pretty substantial list here. Go check those out!


Ranking your website in google or anyother search engine isn’t easy. House Rent/Sell, Insurance etc. are most expensive keywords. “houses in Donji Miholjac” is a keyword, when someone search it in any search engine , it will show most popular website for this keyword.
If you want to sell your home you should join local buy/sell facebook groups in your area or use craigslist websites like olx


Hello @Teo123,

I do not agree with the term “not easy”. It’s easy if you do it correctly.

  1. Write awesome content, which gets the user’s attention.
  2. Add your website to Google’s search console.
  3. Check the performances of your web pages with page insights. Follow their recommendations to improve your website’s page speed.
  4. See how’s the score for your webpage at Seo Tester Online. Please note that this website doesn’t rank your website as same as Google does. But, it will remind you what you have currently done.
  5. Test your website’s search rankings in incognito mode (private browsing in Mozilla)

With these simple steps, you can take your website to the top. But, remember! It takes time!

If you have any question, please reply. :wink: