How to increase the max. upload size


please help me on how can i upload this :frowning:


Hi you can’t upload that much big files directly from file manager because there are limits but you can upload your file using filezilla.
Read this tutorial on how to do it


Yep, 162M is rather a big file to be uploading via the web :smile:

Make sure you upload it to location in your filing system that is not in public_html - presumably you don’t want your backups to be available to anonymous internet visitors.


ohh wow thank you , but unfortunately i cant log in , i am very sure that my email and password was correct but i still cant log in :frowning: Capture


This is a known issue that is being fixed by the admins


why it stops uploading at 59% ? please help me


Hi @ericka!

You are receiving that error most likely because the DB import exceedes the max_updates_per_hour

The only way to fix this is either to manually import the database (if it is possible for this format) either to buy a paid plan and get rid of query limits:


so is there any chance to migrate my website in 000webhost without buying anything ? or not?


Given the fact that your import file is over 160MB, I think not :confused:


ohh i see , anyways thank you :slight_smile:


We’re glad we could dish things out :slight_smile: