How to Index Angular Based Website?

Hi Everyone,

I am using Angular based surface for my website. But my website did not get index in Google, Why?

My website content is not coming in Cache. Kindly guide me what changes i do in this
so google can read out my website and coding and last index it.

It is something out of my hand, so am here asking solution from the community.

Have you added it to the Google Search Console?

Yes did it, but last 4 month it did not get indexed

You sure, you did add it to google search console? As without a custom domain you can’t verify your ownership for the domain using TXT record, which i can’t see in your account… I mean a custom domain added in your account.

And indexing in google takes time, it’s not instant.

last 4 months, Can you be brief regarding this?
I see you signed up and hosted your website 4 days ago.

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