How to install LayerBB Forums on 000webhost

LayerBB 1.1.0
LayerBB is a small yet feature rich community software which enables you to quickly and easily start your own community. It offers great flexibility and easily customisable.

System Requirements
Operating System: Linux-Based
PHP Version: 5.5.0 or higher (with the PDO, MCrypt & CURL PHP Extension Enabled)
SQL Version: MySQL 5.6 or higher / MariaDB 10.2 or higher
Webserver Version: Apache 2.2 or higher

Time requirement for installation: 5 minutes and under providing a fast Internet connection.

Firstly head over to and login!

Now simply create a new website for your forum if you want it separate from your main website i.e. InfinityForums[dot]com instead of InfinityTech[dot]com/Forums

Now you’ll want to upload your own content

Hit Tools on the left then File Manager

Now upload the installation ZIP for LayerBB

If you can’t get your upload to work correctly or prefer FTP client you can use FileZilla or alternatives to do the same.

Now once uploaded you’ll want to extract it

Once extracted head into applications directory


Create a new file called config.php

Now change the permissions of config.php to 777

Now change the permissions of the applications directory to 777

Now time to hit up your website and follow the installation!

Proceed and it’ll ask for your database details from

Head to Manage Database then create a new database for your forum

Fill in the information using the database and username with password you created…

Create your admin account and remember the details

Now time to delete the install directory along with the update directory for security reasons.

Login to manage your newly created forum

If you’ve not completely deleted the directory install/update it will alert you in the admincp

If you did it correctly then you should see no warnings!

You can now properly administer your forums

Create some forums and sub forums (nodes) to get started

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them!

You can register over at their forum and download the latest version there :slight_smile: