How to Install phpBB Forum



phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable.

What you’ll need
Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  1. Active 000webhost hosting account
  2. Latest phpBB download

1)Login to your 000webhost control panel. You can do this by visiting

2)Fill in your 000webhost details and login to your account.

3)Click On “Upload Files”.

4)Then click on “Upload Files now”

5)After clicking on “Upload Files now”…you wll be redirected to “000webhost File Manager”.

6)Click and Open “public_html”.

7)Upload “phpBB-3.2.0”

8)Now Right click on “phpBB-3.2.0” and click on “Extract”
(Use this unzipper…if you have problems while extracting, Link:-

9)Also create database for your smf site from “Manage Database”

10)Now Open phpBB Installer Page and click on “Install” Tab.

NOTE: If you do not see an install tab, go back to the File Manager and delete the config.php folder, then refresh the page and it will work.

11)Read the Introduction part and click “Install”.

12)Create admin account and click “Submit”.

13)Fill the Database Configuration and click “Submit”.

14)Check server configuration and click “Submit”.

15)Set up E-mail Configuration if you want else click “Submit”.

16)Set Bulletin Board Cofiguration and click “Submit”.

17)Wait till the phpBB gets Installed.

Finally phpBB is Installed!!!

NOTE: Now you need to go back to the File Manager and delete the install folder before your forum will work.

If you have any questions do reply or PM me!!!

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