How to install Subrion CMS on 000webhost

Head over to Subrion’s site now to get the script fast!

Subrion is a PHP/MySQL based CMS & framework
that allows you to build websites for any purpose. Yes, from blog to corporate mega portal.

Once downloaded you’ll want to upload this ZIP archive to your public_html straight away!

Using File Manager is normally the best way to do this but you can use an FTP client like FileZilla

You’ll need to extract the files once uploaded

Define . as the directory you are in or type subrion for example to extract into a folder named subrion

Now back to the 000webhost panel and make a quick database for the script to use

Hit Tools, Database Manager

Once loaded hit Create New Database then choose a secure password, username and database name for your script to use.

Ensure the database is created before continuing and note down the new generated database name and username to use.

It will do a quick check and you can proceed only if you are seeing green and yellow, no RED! If there is red errors you need to correct them first.

Read and agree to the license shown

Fill in the fields for the DB username, password and database name correctly using the values we generated in the 000webhost panel.

Choose an administrator username and password along with inputting your email incase you forget your password.

Once installed it should show

Change the CHMOD values / permissions of in the includes folder to 440 or 400

Head into File Manager and DELETE the module.install.php file as requested above

Now hit on Admin Panel and login!

Your beautiful new installation now awaits your choice of theme, plugins and more!

Choose a theme and it will download and install in seconds

Choose from many plugins and download, then install/active!

Boom, site up and running with a theme we’ve picked and the plugin we wanted in under 5 minutes!

Enjoy the journey!

You can join the Subrion forums over here:

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