How to make your own subdomain hosting? *HARD*


Hello! So I just bought my own .com domain and I thought:
Why not incorporate something like zyro for my website so my friends and family can make their own websites such as

Could I do this while still hosting with godaddy,000webhost,and cloudflare?

Any help? :slight_smile:

(by the way, I know what i’m getting myself into and how hard this could be, but I would like to keep this for free if possible)


Also, does 000webhost use zyro for free, or do they pay for one of their plans?


Hostinger owns Zyro & 000webhost.

The subdomain feature is available on Hostinger.

You can probably make subdomains with the use of DNS management with registrar or CloudFlare.


Ok thanks :slightly_smiling_face::+1: is there a way to use a simple website builder on my website to create subdomains for my friends?


Okay, so, first let tgem create a 000webhost account. Then, in Cloudflare, creaye a CNAME record which points to their 000webhost’s subdomain, after that, let them go ahead and use the point domain feature in the cPanel.


ok, and then they can host with one of my subdomains? :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s correct.