How to migrate to free site with upload limits

I have searched extensively and can’t figure this out. I’m trying to migrate a site from another host into a free website on 000webhost. Because of the 8mb upload limitation, I can’t make all-in-one wp migration work. Is there any way around this limitation? I no longer have access to my old hosting account as it has expired. But I do have a full backup of my old site, I have an All-in-one WP migration file, a Duplicator file, and I also downloaded the full directory and all of the files individually through FileZilla. Additionally, I have an export file of the original sql database. My attempts to import the sql database into 000webhost have failed with errors, both with trying to import into the existing database and a new one I set up. My attempts to use migration tools fail because of the upload limit.

As a last resort, I tried to simply upload individual files through FileZilla (although I’m not sure how to rebuild the site using this method). I can connect just fine, upload just fine into the public_html directory, and I can see the uploaded files when I access the uploads directory. But those files are not available to use in Wordpress. I saw another post regarding this issue but no real answer. I guess it has something to do with rebuilding the database? Or possibly permissions? I tried changing the permissions to 777 but that did not fix it. I see that posting my website in this forum is a requirement, but I haven’t done anything with it. It’s pretty empty. But here’s the directory where you can see the only two images that have been uploaded. One was uploaded through the Wordpress panel (the Fair2016 image) and that one is available to use. The other image (the Harmonettes_Crab_Crack image) shows in the directory but does not show if I try to use the photo in Wordpress. Here is the directory where the two images reside: .

I cringe at the idea of completely starting from fresh and would love to find a way to restore the website I already built. Sorry for my ignorance on how to make this happen. Thanks in advance,

If you run it locally or elsewhere then I would

  1. Backup the public folder
  2. Export the .sql file
  3. Upload the of previous public folder to 000webhost public and extract
  4. Create fresh database on 000webhost and use phpMyAdmin to import .sql file, you may need to open .sql file in Notepad and remove the old database name or replace it with the new database name.
  5. Edit the wp-config.php file to reflect new details
  6. Edit the database wp-options table using phpMyAdmin and update SITEURL HOMEURL to your new application URL.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try some of the things you mentioned, although with the upload limits imposed, I haven’t had any success with uploading much of anything. But I do appreciate your time and your response. I’ll keep plugging away.

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