How to o do page to page redirection


Please I just moved my website to a new domain address. So I want to redirect all my olddomain url pointing to its respective singles to redirect to its to new domain
Thanks in advance



I’m not quite familiar with what you’re trying to do, but I have a possible solution.
So, you have access to your old domain, right?
If you do, I have a solution. It may require a little bit of effort on your end, though!
First, you’d want to list all of the pages on your old domain (don’t forget directories!)
Then, for each of those pages, create a new page with a script to redirect to the new address, like the following: (in HTML)

Like I said, you’re going to want one of those for every single page on your site.
Hope this was helpful! And goodluck!
(There might be other more efficient solutions, but this is all I have.)


Okay thanks
One more please,
How do I solve this issue, my website is returning is currently unable to handle this request.


This appears to load fine here?