How to park a domain for hosting?


Hello! Need help. I specified the dns server (ns01. 000webhost. com ns02. 000webhost. com) on my domain registrar. Then in the menu the 000webhost clicked to park the domain. I see the line - waiting for the names of servers for the second day. Two times I updated, I do not park. My domain


Hi @rusty_nut
Follow this tutorial :slight_smile:


did everything exactly according to the instructions, google sees my dns. It is not necessary to do additional I do not have a wordpress


What is your email so far?


My email adress


I will try doing that for you, and reply with the results


I see nameservers have not propagated.
Please screenshot your nameservers in your domain registrar


Thank you in advance for your cooperation


Can you try pointing it? (2nd part of the tutorial)


They needs to be and