How to Park My domain .tech to 000webhost?



how i can park my own domain .tech to 000webhost ?

i’m waiting since 4 hours but nothing


Login to your domain registrar, then change the nameservers to


Then, go to your 000webhost cPanel, and go to Set Web Address and click park domain, and enter your domain name.


Can you please screenshot your domain registrar cPanel, as well as your 000webhost>Set web address cPanel?


I see why this ain’t working.
Only 000webhost nameservers should be added to the records, remove all those who are not related to 000webhost :slight_smile:


At me too such problem, are inserted, and writes


I’ve forwarded this issue to the admins, and will reply as soon as I have an answer.


Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


thank you brother for the assist


Please contact your registrar and tell him to delete those records :slight_smile:


@nazyl those are useless and should be removed, instead, add those :slight_smile:



In the NS records, you have to add



i did it but still not working bro


And remove any other nameserver


Same resulat don’t work , i tried to poiting but don’t work too


Okay, then let’s point them, follow this tutorial to have your account parked at cloudflare (for SSL), then point it from cloudflare to 000webhost :slight_smile:


Add 2 CNAME records:
"@" points to “
“www” points to “


@nazyl You’re updating nameservers in the worng place.
First log in to your domain panel and FIND “DOMAIN REGISTRATION” and hit on name servers,

Now update 000webhost nameservers and wait till its gets fully propagated.

Hope this helps you. :slight_smile: