How to point to register and login script to let users register and login


Hi, I’ve uploaded a register login script, but don’t know how to make it work. I uploaded the

source folder to public_html folder and change the membersite config file
Made a database and include its name in the config membersite file
The script is complete with, login, register, thank you, password reset, password confirmation etc

I want the users to get to register or login page when they click on these links.

Could someone please tell me how to do that?



Directing us to the script you’re using, would help greatly :slight_smile:


Hi @ Morenrb, thanks for your message. The script is in my public_html folder and is named

please see the path in screen shot



The script doesn’t seem to be supported in php7.1 (default php version)

If you goto Settings->General->PHP version
Then you select PHP 5.6
Your registration form should now work.

The reason it doesn’t work, is because it is using the deprecated (removed in PHP 7.0) mysql_* function.
This function is insecure, and you should avoid using it.

NOTE: While this works, I’d try to find a php 7 or php 7.1 script that works, because of the security fixes.


Hi, it still doesn’t work. I’ve removed the register link and now want to link the directory to Register free and Login page on my home page. Please let me know how can I do that?

Would be great if you share the script with more security.


It looks like you have to update the configuration file membersite_config.php

It says you’re using the incorrect credentials to login, and if you’re using 000webhost, that statement is correct.
the host should be localhost
username should be something similar to id0000000_username


I updated with db name and db username. How to link this register file to Register free and login, so when someone clicks it takes them to login or registration page? thanks



So, while I’d personally move the /source/ folder t somewhere else (like directly inside /public_html/
All you have to do to make that happend, is to make a clickable text, like so:
<a href="">Register</a>

Then put it somewhere on your frontpage.

If you want to make it look and feel more professional, you should change some of the redirects to your frontpage.
You should also make use of the included functions to show member-only content.


Thanks I’ll implement and if stuck again will get back to you:slight_smile:

#11 Is your issue solved??


Hi @akhil, I couldn’t link the, the register and login hyperlinks to register.php, login.php and thank you page etc?

Also I want to create easy browser link like


Hi @Mortenrb, I couldn’t attach the regiser and login to their respective register.php and login.php. Also if I create a hyperlink the address and the address bar will be too long, so I’d like something simple like to be displayed in the address bar

Do I’ve to attach the thank you and other associated pages etc to work or they’re already set up to show up on successful register and login attempt etc


If you want to use /register and /login, just put the login.php in a folder called login, and do the same for register.php :wink:


Hi @ckhawand, I failed to make it work


What do you get? :slight_smile:


error 404 page not found. Is there not a way to make an internal link to the register/ register.php and same for login