How to recover original DNS setting for my website


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much. I somehow managed it as your instructions. Thank you millions.

I have some final issues,.

  1. I tried to upload files to my website via my own FTP (Filezilla). I put all the log in form correctly, such as Host, User Name and password. But the connection was refused. According to log on Filezilla, my password seems rejected. But it is correct one.

Can’t I upload from Filezilla on my desktop?

  1. I have 3 emails with my own domain that I use with 000webhost. Where can I find those e-mail account on the new CPanel. When I check “Manage e-mails” (it’s still under, and do not see any of my e-mail address with my own domain. It shows 0/5.

Where can I see my own e-mail addresses with my domain? I also want to add two more e-mail address up to the max. 5 e-mails.

Thank you very, very much for all of your help!



1)Filezilla :- Make sure you these settings for filezilla.(Change user and password to your’s).

2)Email feature is no more available on the new panel.
But you can use Email Forwarding.
Check the below tutorials to set up.

If you’ve issue setting up email forwardiing…reply back.
Or if you need remote help via team viewer…feel free to ask.


Also if you want to disable “Powered by 000webhost” Banner,
Go to Settings --> General --> Turn off “Show Banner”


Yes, my settings of FTP, FileZilla, is all correct. Attached is error log, I can find on Filezilla. Can you help?


@hiroppi007 Its “530 Login authentication” error…make sure you’re using correct password.

Go to Settings --> General --> Ftp Password.
Reset it and then try again.(Also you’ll find your ftp details here.)

Btw FTP’s working fine.


For the moment, I can use the 3 emails with my own domain (that I setup with the old CPanel. Do you mean it is going to be terminated from 1 May?

In fact, those 3 email addresses stopped working on 30 March (I could not receive e-mails on those accounts though I could send e-mail out), but while I was trying to fix it (I don’t know what I did). It re-started to work from 6 April. (I think I did res-set DNS setting on my domain).

Can’t I expect the e-mail will continue working?


Yes, my password is absolutely correct. I am 100% sure. FileZilla was working fine with the old CPanel.


@hiroppi007 Sry but email feature is no more available on the new panel.(old panel has…but new panel don’t have email feature.)

Use email forwarding instead as suggested in my above post.
(you can set up "" using email forwarding…and the email will be forwarded to you gmail and you can reply using the same custom mail id "" from your gmail.)
You can check tutorials on this(as suggested above in my previous post.)


@hiroppi007 Can you try after sometime as there is some internal issues going on…may be because of that FTP is not working.(Check Banner post(on top of the forum) for more details.)


For FileZilla:
but I tried it since 3 days ago. it’s been like this. If I use FTP from the file manager, it does not upload all the files. I did upload the same files several times, but still not all the file are updated.

I want to use FileZilla from my desktop.

For E-mail:
It’s working now. Do you mean this service will terminated sometime?

If I set up “e-mail forwarding”, how many e-mails can I use? It used to be 5

Thank you for your quick reply.


Are you using gapps for this?? If not where you have using email feature??
Because email feature is deprecated on the new panel…but you can use gapps for email(for this you can set mx record to google mx "from Set Web Address – Manage – set mx record).

Yes can set up to 5 email forwarding.


Are you using gapps for this??

-I receive/send via gmail. but i guess Google stopped gapps. It is a bit strange. It stopped working on 30 March, a few days later (while I was trying to set up Zoho mail and try to set up DSN setting), on 6 April, my self-domain emails started working.

Since the e-mail are working, can I let it be? Or, will there be risks that those e-mails account will stop when 000webhost terminate the old panel completely? when is it expected to be?


Just set up your email with gapps and it will work fine with new pannel.
(for this you can set mx record to google mx “from Set Web Address – Manage – set mx record”).

Old Panel will be shut down by 1st May 2017 as per the admin.
The email feature which 000webhost provides on the old panel will be terminated.
But you can use gapps, zoho for your mail with new panel…It will work fine.

Hope you got it what i’m trying to say.


So, the reason that the e-mails (with my domain) are still working is that "the e-mail fiction of the the old CPnel is still active? If I don’t set up “e-mail forwarding” now, my e-mail will be inactive on 1 May?

Another question. I presently use Free service of 000webhost, isn’t e-mail forwarding only for Premium service?

I thank you very much for your all these supports.



I suggest simply use email forwarding feature available on the new panel or else go with gapps.

You can use email forwarding on free service too.
Go to Manage Email --> Create Email Forwarders.


The email feature of the old panel is no longer working - if you are on the old panel you will be able to send but not receive.

On the new panel we have email forwarders which are the new email feature of the free hosting and will be staying on the panel.