How to redirect but not webhostapp


Hello, I need to do a redirect but I cant because it was more easier with the old system. When I go into cPanel and click on redirect, it gives me the option but with the website with 000webhostapp in it. My site is pointed to a 000webhostapp webpage made with Zyro Builder, but i want to redirect in this way:

is my page and i want to redirected to my fb page but i cant because when i enter and try to create the redirect it automaticaly says redirect with the prefix 000webhostapp

please help!!


Can you explain a bit further and provide a screenshot of the issue if possible.

You can create redirects easily via > manage your site > general settings > redirects


cant explain correctly because forum dont let me write links, but ill try my best. I bought a Go Daddy domain and pointed it to a webpage I made with Zyro. I want to create a easy link to provide my costumers so they can find my facebook page, so i was trying to do a redirect to that, but when i go to redirects at cpanel it doesnt let me use my domain, it just forces me to use the webhostapp domain.

My website is


This is called “Set web address” in panel


That´s already done, but when I try to use redirect it still shows me the


Are you using wordpress?

You need to put your url in this script then.

Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Im using the Zinga App by 000webhost.