How to Reduce Inode Usage Quota


Inode Usage Quota (20 000) is 100% how to reduce it?


If you are using Wordpress try deleting some plugins and unused themes.


Your website might not work as expected if you reach maximum allowed resources. Login to members area to manage your website.

How to reduce inodes?
In case your website has reached the limit on the number of inodes it contains, here are some tips on how to reduce their number:

Remove files that are not used any more;
Remove old log, cache or temporary files;
Remove unused image thumbnails;
Upgrade your plan to get more resources. Check paid plans.
What is inode?
inode is a data structure in Linux file system, which holds all the information about your files in your Linux server. The number of files in your account indicates the relative amount of files in your account. More inode count means, more files. This inode count includes everything including emails, files, image files, data files, MySQL files, JS/HTML/CSS files and other files. Whatever you create in your account is all calculated together to find the total inode count in your account.

Why to have inode limit?
Total inode count limit prevents users from abusing the server’s shared resources. It not only affects your own website, it will affect 100s of other websites hosted on the same server


Well the number of inodes used just jumped like 25% on its own, i tried deleting some files but nothing it’s just stuck 100%


Doesn’t update straight away sorry.