How to setup a mail server or something with a custom domain


So my website is hosted on 000webhost(ofc) using a freenom domain that is linked to cloudflare, because ssl is cool.

What do i do to setup a mail server or what ever that is, like for instance which will be forwarded to my gmail? by using the email forwarder?

Honestly i dont know what im doing… :slight_smile:


The email forwarders will not work when using Cloudflare. You need to use MX records (which you can set in Cloudflare) to use an email server. I suggest for email, where you can setup your own domain and they will show you how :grinning:


Yes you can use email forwarder…to get emails at your gmail using custom mail id like:- “”

Or you can use gapps or zoho mail services as suggeste above.