How to start php connection to MySQL


I am totally new to using server. I set up a database using phpMyAdmin. And I’d like to write a php program, save somewhere here and test how it works with the database. But I have no idea how to start and where to save php programs. What I want to test is to handle the database from my app (on the smartphone).
Can someone help me on this? I’m sorry for the very basic question.


@TankUserDavid You can try this,

You can find database related details by going to “Manage Database” Tab.


Thanks for your reply.
I guess the sentence in your comment should be the start in php, right?
My question is more basic - where in 000webhost should I put my php program to be performed by http connection?


Yes before your actual program starts.

Place your files in “public_html”.
Log in to File Manager and upload your files.

You can find FTP login details by going to “Settings” – "General"
If your don’t know the password then reset it,
“Settings” – “General” – “FTP Password”


I will try that. Thank you so much !!!


Any issue do post :slight_smile: i’ll leave this topic open.


I’m sorry to keep asking basic questions.


1- It is always localhost
2- Nope, it is


I got an error on unity editor saying UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr).
It seems something wrong with my php source. Can I see the error details anywhere in phpMyAdmin?


Can you post screenshot of your issue??


For now, I got nothing to show you. I ran a Unity program accessing a database in 000webhost.
And that error came out. This is my Unity source.

private string urlSave = “”;

void Awake () {
	instance = this;

public IEnumerator SaveScore(string user_name, int kill_count) {
	WWWForm form = new WWWForm();
	form.AddField("user_name", user_name);
	form.AddField("kill_count", kill_count);
	form.AddField("seq_no", seqNo);

	var www = new WWW(urlSave, form);

	yield return www;

	if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(www.error)) {
	} else {
		Debug.Log("Error : " + www.error); <======

That line shows the error.

It’s OK for me that you look at my php source, if possible.


How can I directly test php programs?’ would work?


Yes, your visitors won’t see
They will see instead:
In other words, to test your website, you won’t use public_html in the url :wink:


I made it finally^^. I may need to study more about php.
Thank you for all your help.