How to unpark a domain and change the DNS


Hi, I have a domain and is parked on 000webhost …I want to migrate it to my servers and I can’t seem to edit the nameservers here on your site. How can I edit the nameservers and unpark this domain ???


On the registrar you purchased the domain

We don’t sell domain names.


How do I find the registrar cause I can’t seem to find it on my mail ? and please tell mehow to unpark the domain?


I found out it is a domain so is somewhat related to you… But on the .com website I can’t find it next to my other domains :frowning:


Login to if you can’t remember your password click forgot password.


Hostinger is saying the domain can be managed by logging into your account


Does that help?


So far I managed to recover a password it was on my second mail apparently … and I got in… but I still try to find the DNS editor in here …

Do you know can I merge all my domains under one account like the one you just gave a link to?

yes it helped basicaly …


Unsure with Hostinger try the bottom right and live chat them.


Thanks a lot for the hints. Have a good day!