How To Use localhost on your Android device


Before we move on check that you have working internet connection and Android version 4.1+

This suite allows you to organize a platform for running and debugging Web applications (sites) in your Android device. It consists of: a web server, a PHP programming language, a database MySQL and msmtp for sendmail support.

It includes:

  • lighttpd server v1.4.35
  • nginx v1.9.3
  • PHP v7.1.5
  • MySQL v5.6.19
  • msmtp v1.6.1
  • Web Interface v1.3
  • KSWEBFTP v1.0
  • scheduler

To install a offline web server on our Android we can use ksweb server.

Just simply install it from Here

Remember it gave the trial for only 5 days and then if you like it then you can purchase it.

Now you are ready you can choose any server that you like.

To get your phpmyadmin go to tools and then click on phpmyadmin then select the server you are using and it will take 5 minutes to install it and then it will create a new host for phpmyadmin.

To open your website on your localhost just put all the files in the htdocs folder. you can find it in SD card.

You can create N numbers of database from your phpmyadmin.

Your can enable Web Inerface in the KSWEB “Tools” menu.
Default login information:
login: admin
password: admin

MySQL host: localhost (or
MySQL port: 3306
MySQL login “root” with empty password

I hope you understand everything. If you got any problem in it then just post here.