How to use meta tags & description on Zyro Site Builder


A few users have now asked how to insert meta tags & description into their website so here is a very quick tutorial on how to do so yourself without needing to use code in the File Manager.

Head over to and login to start with.

Hit Manage on the site you have built or need to build.

Then choose Build

Once the builder loads up hit the Settings menu cog icon top right

Choose SEO from this list

There will be a choice of options available for you to enter your meta description and keywords

Once you’ve entered your description for each page just save and publish.

Then you can try and see if your meta description/tags have updated in search engines or by using independent checkers.

smallseotools dot com /meta-tags-analyzer is the tool used above.

While the site builder is still limited in what you can do compared to if you had a website PHP/HTML website coded and uploaded it still lets you do the basics.
If you have any questions open a new thread on the forum where staff or community members can assist you :slight_smile: