Hsn8696 WordPress query

I started using 000webhostapp two weeks ago. In the last 2 weeks, I have created and deleted 4 new websites due to the continuous problem which is the complete loss of my website data. I create my website through Wordpress and when I try to sign in back using Wordpress to edit my site, I find no data available there. It looks like a brand new site with no data at all. Please help and identify why it is happening again and again.

my website link is as follows: https://digitaltalk3.000webhostapp.com/

I can see 24 logs of installation of WordPress between the 10th and today.
You lose your data when you reinstall WordPress sadly.

What should i do to avoid this this from happening again ?

Install it once and if you face any issues don’t reinstall but query it here first.

Take a read of the thread I’ve linked above regarding installation page appearing.

Plus our hourly database limitations and using Heartbeat Control.

If i wait for 3 days would i be able to retrieve my lost data ?

If you wait nothing will happen if you’ve overwritten and reinstalled WordPress sadly.

I’ve restored the most recent database before the most recent installation from a blank installation to one with some content, but sadly that is good as you’ll get.