Htaccess and yours... my problems?

Hello everybody,

A brief preview for my question:
textures, unnamed, download, img = folders

I recently started creating a website and went after information about htaccess, added some useful codes and came to a halt with a respective code.

Options -Indexes

_ I also found an old topic where austin - moderador, made a tutorial about it and how to add it. (Thanks)
_ Well, I put .htaccess with this code inside the ** textures ** folder, and I was unsuccessful.
_ But putting it inside the img folder, it worked correctly. The problem is that it ended up with all the images inside the site (the site runs out of images). :sweat_smile:
_ So far, the structure of the files is as follows:

Well, I would like to know, how do I block these directories, without me losing their content on the site.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
And any problem, sorry, i’m new.

Oh… Before I forget:

If you access control panel > General > Security you should be able to protect directories if that is what you are looking for?

Although whatever setup you’ve got currently works, I can’t access any folder I only get a 403 forbidden :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sorry.
I’m just an enthusiast creating. My brother arrived right after I sent the thread, he came and said what was wrong. A very subtle mistake. xD
I only add All inside Options -Indexes and place it in public_html > .htaccess.

Options All -Indexes

And after i forgot to refresh cache in texture folder. =P
But now, i need discover what bug it haves… (Appeared before solving this problem)
Everything is normal with the URLs in the source code

<a href="textures/unnamed/index.php">Unnamed</a>

but when I click on the menu, it “skips” the textures folder and goes straight to unnamed/index.php
It looks like I’ll have an investigation to do!

Well, sorry again…

EDIT: there seems to be some problem with the name “index.php”. When changing to “unnamed.php” everything works normally.
searching… :grin:


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