Html coding not working


cant get my page to come up, only this:

<frameset rows="50%,50%" cols="50%,50%">
 <frame src="topleft.htm" name="topleft">
 <frame src="topright.htm" name="topright">
 <frame src="botleft.htm" name="botleft">

is there something I need to add to this for the page to work?


What are you trying to accomplish?


to make frames on an index page


You can have a look at that tutorial

However, <frame> Tag is Not Supported in HTML5.


still seems to not be working. somethings not right. maybe because of the html5?


Yes, frames are not supported by html5 anymore, you can try Googling “Alternatives to html frames”


actual no html is working


What is your web address?