Http 500 error Laravel. Please help

URL website :

  1. I’ve tried to follow tutorial deploy laravel on 000webhost and i got error 500.

  2. I tried to search solution in this forum and got solution displaying the error in THIS by adding php_value display_errors 1 in .htaccess in public_html folder.

  3. I refreshed my website and got this error, can someone HELP ME ?
    Screenshot from 2021-02-02 00-42-57

I note it mentions

No such file or directory in /x/x/x/x/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php on line 66

This may be because free plan doesn’t have composer/SSH/command line access and it is trying to access something locally from your machine possibly?

Ensure to compile it locally and test it, then change any paths to the required ones of 000webhost, when you login to 000webhost you can hit more info on your website before hitting manage to see root path etc.

We don’t officially support Laravel/CodeIgniter/ similar scripts.
Seek assistance via or upgrade to Hostinger to have full support for your websites.

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