Http 500 error please help


so i got my web project already using CI ( code igniter ) and im building it with php 7.1
then i just got this message when i try to see my website

This page isn’t working
currently unable to handle this request.

please help me …
my web is

<< ps : im a newbie here so … >


Add this line to the .htaccess file

php_flag display_errors on


The line added, but still no working.


Try hitting the Repair button in cpanel>settings>general


Can you upload your script in a ZIP file to your hosting so I can test it on another environment?

(I don’t want the existing files on 000webhost, I’d like fresh files from a local copy if possible)


Tried also. not helping so far


Yes I compress my project folder in ZIP file. Another uploading method i used was by using filezilla. Here is my site -

Where do you want me to send you the ZIP file?


Hiii please help me…

this is my site

can you tell why so?