HTTP Error 500 at WP dashboard log-in


I am new to self-hosted website management, and I have no encountered an error I can’t figure out how to address. I have moved the content of my wordpress-dot-com blog over here to my new self-hosted site that is using wordpress-dot-org. I had added a theme and finished customizing it and finished importing all my content when I discovered that the theme I have activated here (an updated version of the theme applied on wordpress-dot-com) does not support a feature I want to preserve. So, I installed the older theme version (Button) but left it inactive. I then went into the file manager to create a child theme, and I’m following a video tutorial from WP Beginner for how to create a child theme. I had made some tweaks and wanted to see how they looked on my site, so I activated the child theme from my WP dashboard and then received an http 500 error message in my browser, saying “ is unable to handle this request at this time.” I closed the tab and tried to log-back into my dashboard, but now I get the same message when I do that.

I have no idea what might have caused this error nor how to fix it. Can anyone help me please??


@ampersandams Fixed!!! :slight_smile:
Issue was with the “Button-child” theme.
You should be able to login now.


Perfect!! Thank you so much, @akhilkumar332!! Could you please tell me what the issue was so that I can avoid it in the future (and also learn from my mistake)? Thank you!


The issue was with the child theme, may be because of the “tweaks” which you have made.

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