HTTP error 500 when loading my site


hi can someone help me, i’m getting http error 500 in my site


Hi @kazurengan!

What is the website in question?

i was following a tutorial to install my site but then it gives this error


Did you enable any cache plugin?


The same goes for me…its not a permanent problem but the site is down (502 Bad Gateway) multiple times per hour, mostly for a few minutes


no not really i was just uploading some ftp and json files according to the tutorial
but it doesn’t load my index


We will investigate your issue. Please be patient.


any fix yet? i still cannot access my site


A few minutes ago, the site was working, but now its “502 Bad Gateway” again. Whats the problem?


And again…502 Bad Gateway


@Hans1 This is a know issue and will be solved soon by Admins.
If you don’t need any downtime then upgrade to premium which offers 99.9% uptime.


@kazurengan Where is you domain parked? 000webhost or infinityfree.

If its 000webhost then update 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns, because i see infinityfree ns your doman dns.