Https:// not accessible from Korea


I’ve not been able to access either 000webhostapp,com nor my own site for the past three hours. I am able to access the page for building a site and the forum page.

When I try to access my webhost page at, Chrome responds with: sbf-testing,000webhostapp,com’s server IP address could not be found
When I try to access the root page at 000webhostapp,com/, Chrome times out.

Did 000webhost change something on the server setup (some webhosts block access from Korea) or did something get changed at the Domain Name Server level?

(I replaced the periods in the URLs with commas as I’m a new user)


Have a look


Hi ckhawand,

Thanks for the response. I never did get around to playing with the DNS settings as after I received your reply, my page was working. But, when I tried to access the page a couple of days later, it wasn’t working, then a day later it was back, but then gone again.

I’m not sure why the connection comes and goes (I’m not trying to access the page during the sleep time), but the main reason I wanted to page is to share some ideas with others. Changing the DNS settings on my system may give me faster times, but I need my friends here in Korea to be able to see the page (without requiring them to change their DNS settings).

I switched to another free service, so I have what I need. Hopefully someone at 000webhost can figure out what’s causing the site to be blocked from Korea.