cannot use session_php
is it able to turn on the session.auto_start?
mysite is :
many thanks


Did you put session_start(); at the beginning of your PHP script?


Yes, I’ve put session_start() at the beginning of my php code
I encounter the same problem (session not remain when page chnges)on my localhost,
and solved by change session.auto_start into ‘On’ in php.ini

When I check the phpinfo on 00webhost
It seems the default setting of php in your host is ‘Off’…
thus, please help adjust the setting of session.auto_start into 'On’
Million Thanks …


Is there a tmp folder in the / folder?


yes, there’re [tmp] and [public_html] in [/] folder


Let me forward that to the developers


Can you try now?



tried, but not work either…
the session is still not being preservered
I notice in 000webhost is not enabled [session.auto_start] right now

which I was solved the problem by turn on [session.auto_start] into ‘On’ on localhost
is it able to switch that on for a test ?


We can’t change PHP parameters on the free plan unfortunately.


Can you try now please?


wow !! that’s amazing, it works… thank you very much

wish to know what’s the change of the setting


Check your .htaccess file :slight_smile: