HTTPS certificate active but not secure

Hi IScreenshot 2022-08-10 104448 have linked my freenom domain to cloudflare https ceritificate. I then pointed at my site: to. but when ever I open the site it always says not secure.

I have read the SSL for 000webhost via Cloudflare tutorial so many times and followed each step diligently but to no avail.

Please kindly assist.

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Hi teodor - just an update: I deleted that website and tried the process over on a new site but its since been deleted off my website list and when I attempt to create a new site I’m told “an internal error has occurred. We have notified the developers” I tried creating a new account but I think I’m IP blocked or something.

Please assist

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There was temporary outages earlier that seems to have affected managing user websites via our control panel that is now resolved.

Try this tutorial

Let us know how you get on and if you don’t get it working we will need screenshots of your CloudFlare setup.

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