Https:// not found


I uploaded a website built in Dreamweaver using Filezilla FTP into \public_html.
All the files show as being good on the server, and on my ‘dashboard’ it says the site is live and ok. I tried picking [Repair] to see if it fixed. Been up a few weeks and still does not display.

There are no scripts or odd files int he site - just plain html and css, plus images.

Even in File Manager, if I right-click on index.html and ask to View it tells me the Server is not found :frowning:

Help please?


Hi @honeydew.sd64!

There was an index.php script which was loaded first, against the index.html one. I have deleted the first file and now your site loads fine :slight_smile:


Thanks Teodor, but the weird thing is I made that php file in desperation thinking it may be needed as I couldn’t get the site to display, and now I find the site displays on my Android mobile phone but not my Samsung tablet or PC??? I can’t understand how it can behave differently on different devices? Is there something I haven’t set up properly?


but not my Samsung tablet or PC???

Please clear those machine’s browser cache and retry…

If the issue persists please screenshot browser window.


Thanks for your help Teador

… pls see attached from both browsers on my tablet.


This is a DNS related issue. Please reboot your machines and clear your browser caches.

If the issue persists please clear your browser cache and flush your DNS.

Your tablet and PC on which you are experiencing the problem are connected on the same network?


Got me beat. As you can see in attached image I cleared cache and flushed DNS and I copy/paste the site link from the 000webhosting panel that says the site is running, and I still can’t get to display.
I don’t normally use IE but I have tried in FF and Chrome also. The tablet and PC are not networked, but do use the same router for Internet connection - PC on LAN and Tablet using wireless.
Checking your post reply on my phone last evening is the 1st time I have seen the site displayed!

I wonder because there was another site someone had posted this problem about and replies said it displayed fine, but when I tried to display it I got ‘page not found’. Also, a student of mine who has set up and uploaded a site is experiencing exactly the same issue.
Could it be something about trying to display in Australia? I really can’t understand how a URL would work on a phone and not on a PC?

Thanks for your assistance Teodor.



There can be dozens of reasons why you can’t access the site. If you have cleared the cache and flushed the DNS then the only remaining option is that something may blocking you.

Progressively turn off your antivirus, firewall or everything which may block you from accessing *

I see you have a router. Maybe it has DNS cache enabled as well. Please reboot it (reboot, not reset).