i wasn’t read the Violation of Terms of Service and my Host slept.
please Activate my website for get a backup.

My website:
My Email:


My Website Activated but i can’t login. in show: Log in details are not correct.
and in my panel, shows the website is Sleeping


Please email


Your site simply exceeded resources allocated, the site should be online again. If it happens again then you may have to upgrade to Hostinger to resolve the issue or seek alternative free hosting


My website is enable now.
but i can’t login. files.webhost say the login details is not true.

pleaseee i need my files.


Toggle FTP off and on via General Settings.
If that doesn’t work then change website password (ftp password) via General Settings, wait a few minutes, then toggle FTP off and on.

Log out of > clear cookies/data/cache and log in again and try?


Yes I enabled FTP transfer. But now I can not use the website! The process seems to be limited. I use the madeline library (telegram). Bots are online but they are offline after 30 seconds.


Telegram BOT is strictly prohibited on 000webhost.

Your site isn’t currently suspended, if FTP isn’t working you’ll have to wait it out as there are issues widespread with FTP existing.