I am getting error while accessing my website


Hi can someone help me? I install a plugin WP cash plugin, now can’t visit my website, ( www.gretha.ma) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I cant even get into my dashboard to edit content or create new posts.


Hi cache plugins are not entirely supported on 000webhost (check this link). In future never use any cache plugins. :slight_smile:
Go to file manager >> wp-content >> plugins >> delete cache plugin


i can’t see Wp content, i will not install any plugin in the future


Can you give screenshot?


i make it done, but still same issue? can’t access to my website? can you please help me?


Can i get your website url?


sure mr ayu www.gretha.ma


Put this in your .htaccess file

php_value display_errors 1


Which place, first page of /public_html/.htaccess


Yes in public_html/.htaccess :slight_smile:


and then? i make it done in this page


Yes save the file and open your website. Now you will be able to see detailed errors


sorry but nothing work


Can i get screenshot of your .htaccess file and your plugin folder items



Issue has been fixed :slight_smile:


If you get any issues again. Do post back :slight_smile: