I am not getting the password reset link

I forgot mt password and I can’t login to cpanel. I am trying to reset my password but I am not receiving any email with the password reset link. I tried it multiple times and checked also the Spam folder and the other ones and still nothing. I’ve been waiting for 2 hours and still no mail found. I haven’t used the account for more then a year, maybe there is something to do with this?

The website and owning account was deleted back in October for being inactive, the account and websites were removed for inactivity.
You won’t get a password reset link as the account no longer exists - make a new one.

Users must login at least once every three months to avoid inactive user deletions.

Feel free to signup a new account under the same email if required, happy site building!
Use alternative naming for your free subdomain.

Users are responsible for regular backups, our free system doesn’t offer restore/backup sadly.