I am unable to access to wp-admin page of my site


Hello, today I am unable to access to the wp-admin page of my site (http://toptext.tk), but the site is working. I tried to reload wp-admin and wp-include folders, deactivate .htaccess file, plugins, active scheme - it did not help. Please, tell me, what the problem is. Thank You.



However, according to the statistics there were few connections to the site, but today I can not get access to wp-admin since the morning … (HTTP ERROR 500)


My site and wp-admin seems to have gone down too… For about 2 hours now according to jetpack notifications.

Whats the haps?


toptext.tk is currently unable to handle this request.

Seems like a plugin error.
Rename your plugins folder to plugins2 then try to load the page, if it loads then a plugin is causing an issue.


What site? :clock9:



Renaming the folder Plugins did not solve the problem, unfortunately :frowning_face: