I bought pro and have not received


I bought 3 months of pro and I either didn’t receive it or don’t know how to use it. Cause when I tried to take the 000webhosting tag off the bottom right of my website it says I need to be pro. Which I already bought?


send proof of your recipe to an admin


How do I do contact an admin?


Hello if you have bought the premium plan then now you have to go to here and login using your email and password.
If you stuck at any point then post here.


i am having the same problem


when i click on the link given by ghosthunter and login using my id password,it shows client not funt and i have bought a pro and not able to access it…plesase help


still it is showing that client not found…please help me


What email did you sign up to premium with?




Please head over to Hostinger.com and login with your Google Account.