I cannot go to my website


i cannot logon to my website with the web name ‘https://footballglobalfansforum.com’ unless i logon using https://footballglobalfansforumcom.000webhostapp.com.
Please,how can i logon with my website name?


Is it a WordPress website


yes.it is a wordpress website.


@JOHN5 Your domain is not loading on my side, make sure your domain is parked.
Let me know once your website is accessible through domain name.


I am grateful.
Please, what do you mean by saying ‘parked’?


@JOHN5footballglobalfansforum.com” , if you own this domain, then update 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns.

After updating, login to your account >> Set web address >> Add this domain.


sir, how can i locate my domain dns? this is exactly what is remaining.