I can't change pages in my site. Why?


My site is serralherialinhares.site50.net i’m trying change files by Filezilla and nothing happen. Always appear the same page, nothing change. What’s happen ?
Where is my files ?
What I do to update my pages ?
My login was a5187760.
Thanks for your help.
Ralph LInhares


Can you login via 000webhost.com and try making changes via File Manager, also check your FTP information matches what is given on the panel.


Thanks for atention.
It’s that old story after I change my email from ranolin@ig.com.br to serralherialinhares@gmail.com a never more login my site by FTP. I’d like return my site serralherialinhares.site50.net to my old email that is ranolin@ig.com.br, maybe I get login my site by FTP and make changes.
I time more, please, help I nedd this site.


I can’t understand can you explain in great detail what you need to achieve and all of your site details please?