I can't edit every thing in my manage database


i have already set up domain and connect it with my website. but i can’t control my manage database to edit anything on my website. please help me. thank you


What do you mean? :slight_smile:


i have export my website but i can’t watch the content in my website. it write : Error establishing a database connection. i can’t change everything


What script have you installed?
Have you copied the Manage Database values correctly into your configuration for your script?


i think i do it wrong. i don’t know how to fix it .


Explain in a few paragraphs what you wish to accomplish


i can’t search my web on google. and now i want to edit the content of of stuff on my web but i can’t edit . a lot of content on my web i can’t watch them.


So what is your domain, 000webhostapp URL, what scripts if any have you installed, do you know how to use the scripts?