I can't find my homepage in index.php


Hi, All.
I’m super beginner to these stuffs.
I have wordpress installed website hosted in 000webhost.
I use filezilla as ftp client.
i want to edit my homepage(index.php or index.html) to modify it according to my likings but i can’t find any html tags or my homepage contents in index.php, there is only few php codes.
so where is my homepage (…), where can i find it. i check in my root folder & themes folder but there is nothing in index.php.
& Also i don’t use static or dynamic page.
it’s recent posts that is in my homepage.


Oh, go to yourwebsite.000webhostapp.com/wp-admin


i want to edit index.html or index.php as text file, i can’t edit them from dashboard. i couldn’t find my file location.